A chunky knit sweater is the perfect staple in a wardrobe and can add comfort, texture, and dimension to a wide range of pieces in your closet. We have listed some of our favourite ways to style a chunky knit and bring it from Winter to Spring! In this blog, we look at all the ways you can style a chunky sweater!

French tuck with pants or a skirt

A French tuck is a great way to show off your shape in a relaxed and casual way. This style defines your waistline and balances the proportions of the outfit. The French tuck is such an amazing style hack that Tan France covers the style in his MasterClass, saying “French tucking is meant for loose-fitting, floaty tops and oversized knits paired with high-waisted denim and skirts.”

To achieve this look, simply take the front of your chunky knit (or any loose-fitting top) and flatten the front 8 inches against your abdomen. Tuck it into the front part of your pants or skirt, and adjust, pulling gently to allow the sweater to drape down slightly in the front and loosely along the sides. Voila! An effortless, yet fashionable look.

A cropped sweater does a great job of adding warmth and texture to an outfit without looking bulky. You can achieve this cropped effect with any sweater in your closet with items you already own!

Cropped illusion #1: Wear it over a dress with a belt

One of our favourite looks is a chunky sweater with a flowing skirt. What if you don’t have a cropped or sweater or a good skirt to wear it with? No problem! This style hack makes it look like you do, and is super easy to pull off. Grab a dress you love and layer your favourite chunky knit over top. Then, grab a thin belt and place it over your sweater around your waist where you want the cropped effect. Pull your sweater up, stopping when the hem meets the belt and let it drape over top, covering the belt, cropping the sweater, and defining your beautiful waistline!

Check out this video on Twitter that demonstrates it perfectly!

Cropped illusion #2: Tuck your sweater into a bra

Another way to create the cropped illusion with your sweater is to tuck the hem under your bra - this trick actually works best with a sports bra(!!). Take the bottom of your sweater and turn it inwards and tuck the hem up into the bottom of your bra. Smooth the folded part with your hands and there you have it - a cropped sweater! Pair it with high-waisted pants or a skirt. Check out the Cosmopolitan tutorial here!

Layered over a collared shirt

The chunky knit/collared shirt combination is simple, classic, and looks so put together. Most people probably have a collared shirt hanging in their closet that hasn’t been worn since going into the office...so let’s put it to use!

Put your chunky knit on over your collared shirt and pull the collar over the neckline of your sweater. If you’re wearing a mock-neck knit, try leaving the collar of your shirt popped up. This outfit can be made more casual with some light-washed jeans or made it slightly fancier with trousers. You can play with bright colours - mixing matching with your sweater and collared shirt combo, or go the monochromatic route with white on white. The options are endless!

A chunky sweater is a must have in your closet… check our spring items now at Trove!