The Trove Fashion team loves secondhand clothing (obviously)! There are so many benefits to choosing preloved goods. Today, let’s look at some of our favourite reasons to shop secondhand.

1. It’s easier on your wallet
Regardless of whether you’re thrifting or shopping at a curated secondhand boutique, the fact is that shopping secondhand will help you save money. This means that you can invest in high-quality items, or even splurge on that dream piece that you’ve been eyeing!

2. It helps the environment
Fast fashion production takes a huge toll on the environment. Buying secondhand helps counter this by interrupting the need to create new items and preventing clothing from ending up in landfills or being incinerated.

3. It helps everyone get what they want
Everyone has items in their closet that they never reach for, either because the fit isn’t right or it no longer suits their style. Consigning those items gives them a new life in someone else’s wardrobe and puts money back in your pocket to spend on pieces you love.

4. It supports small businesses
When you buy from a small business, whether it’s a consignment shop or vintage boutique, you’re supporting someone’s dream. Entrepreneurs pour their heart and soul into building their businesses from the ground up, and your support might make their day!

5. It helps you build a unique style
When you shop secondhand, you can easily pull from different styles and eras to create an aesthetic that’s all your own, and you’re far less likely to see others in the same looks. When someone asks where a piece is from, you can direct them to your favourite secondhand sellers and help the businesses you love continue to grow.

6. It can be more size-inclusive
Consignment and vintage boutiques often sort clothing by size, which makes it easy to see everything at once and streamlines the shopping experience. If your local shop doesn’t carry your size, you can speak directly to the owner or manager to ask them to expand their sizing range, which isn’t usually possible at chain stores.

7. It’s a breeze when you’re prepared
Sizing can vary between brands or time periods. Before your next shopping trip, use a soft tape measure to jot down your own measurements, then slip the tape in your bag. If you’re unable to try on an item, you can measure the garment on the rack and check it against your measurements to see if it will fit.

8. It encourages creativity
Secondhand pieces might require some TLC, but it’s worth your time and effort. Whether you’re working with a tailor to alter a piece, using your sewing skills to cover up a stain or tear, or turning clothing into an art canvas, breathing new life into your secondhand finds is a great creative outlet.

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