Shopping for denim can be anxiety-inducing. But when you finally find the perfect pair, it feels like winning the lottery. Once you have them they become an outfit staple, and for many of us, the most worn piece in our wardrobe! Since jeans have become such a huge part of our wardrobe, we are spending more than ever on jeans, and are willing to invest in high-quality denim.

To avoid the stress and emotion when shopping for jeans, consider the three following guidelines: Budget, Fit, and Brand.

Budget - If you have $200 to spend on jeans, buy one amazing pair rather than two less expensive pairs. You will walk away with a high-quality pair of denim, that will both stand the test of time and have higher resale value should you wish to trade them in. You are also more likely to wear them if they have to pass the stress-test of a bigger investment.

Fit - if you don’t love the way they look on you, you won’t wear them! Here consider the style, what the jeans are made of (100% cotton vs cotton-elastane blend), the wash, and how you can style them with pieces in your wardrobe.

Brand - let brands serve as a guideline of style, quality, and budget. Knowing what different brands offer helps you narrow down options when shopping! Knowing which brands are known for durability will also help in assessing the quality of the jeans and whether or not it’s worth the spend.

Shopping for second hand denim is a great way to find a pair that has already been broken in and ready to conform to your body. Below we have listed our favourite denim brands for style, comfort, and most importantly, which ones can stand the test of time.

Levi’s jeans are almost always our first choice - you can’t go wrong with the classics! Levi’s jeans (such as the 501s and Wedgie styles) are made with 100% cotton (i.e. no elastane) which makes them long-lasting and reparable. These jeans are affordable and have a range of styles, leaning more on a classic denim look.

Madewell jeans are known for their comfort. While most are made with elastane to float over your curves and feel comfortable from the minute you put them on, these jeans offer an effortlessly cool pair of jeans and guaranteed comfort.

The jeans of the 90s are still popular today thanks to their vintage-inspired styles and high-quality. These jeans come with a premium price tag that matches their high quality standards. Many styles are made with 100% cotton, making them very long lasting. With just the right amount of edge, Agolde jeans are cool, high-quality, and are a great find second-hand.

Citizens of Humanity
Another premium brand, Citizens of Humanity prides themselves on their quality standards. All of their jeans are handcrafted in their facilities in LA and Turkey allowing Citizens of Humanity control over the quality of their products. CoH have a cult-following for their dependable, stylish jeans.

Denim Forum
Denim Forum is an Aritzia-exclusive brand that started in 2019. These jeans are on-trend, affordable, and very flattering.

Rag and Bone
Rag and Bone offers a wide variety of silhouettes and styles. They come with a hefty price tag, but considering many of their processes are done by hand, including the distressing of their jeans, they are well worth the price. Their range of timeless and effortless styles have earned Rag and Bone a cult following.