If you find yourself reaching for the same outfits over and over these days, worry not! As Michael Kors once said, “Accessories are the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.” Today, we’ll explore how to elevate a few simple looks using the magic of secondhand accessories.

Think of the classic jeans and t-shirt combo as a simple backdrop for a statement bag or piece of jewelry. When shopping secondhand, you can often find luxury brand bags and jewelry pieces at a fraction of the original retail price. When selecting a bag, look for eye-catching colours and patterns, or classic bag shapes that feature bold clasps or timeless crocodile-embossed or patent leather finishes. For jewelry, keep an eye out for pieces made of solid titanium, sterling silver, or gold (14k or 18k), all of which are of a higher quality than plated options. These investment pieces pair easily with most looks in your wardrobe and they’ll serve you well for years to come.

To elevate a simple dress, look for a beautifully-crafted shoe or boot. Quality construction is very important when it comes to secondhand footwear, as is a good fit. When the snow starts to recede, pair a casual dress with leopard-print ankle boots or studded heels. If you prefer flats, look for tone-on-tone sneakers or classic espadrilles to give a dress a playful look. Secondhand designer shoes can often be found at an affordable price point, giving you more opportunity to build a footwear wardrobe that can transform any look.

Working from home calls for athleisure, but to avoid looking like you’re perpetually heading to or from the gym, pair your leggings with some on-trend accessories like a bucket hat or a bright scarf. To stay warm while running errands, layer up with a shacket (a cozy cross between a button-down shirt and a jacket) or a patterned fleece quarter-zip (vintage pieces by outdoor brands like Patagonia are currently having a fashion resurgence).

And if you’re headed back to the office for in-person work in 2022, the new name of the game is casual elegance. In many workplaces, the dress code is now more relaxed, allowing more space for personality and comfort. After two years of Zoom calls, you can turn to your wardrobe of secondhand accessories to shake up your existing office looks. Reach for a bold scarf, statement bag, or even high-end leather sneakers to return to work in style.

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