Vintage clothing has the ability to add a unique and stylish twist to the modern wardrobe. When done right, vintage pieces add dimension to a look. When done wrong, vintage pieces have the potential to look dated or like a costume. In this blog, we will discuss our favourite tips for styling vintage pieces.

The most important styling tip we have for vintage pieces is this: mix and match modern and vintage clothing. In the examples below, we have mixed and matched vintage items with modern, casual clothing such as jeans and white sneakers. The mixing and matching is essential to avoid looking like you are wearing a costume instead of a fashion forward outfit.

If you have never tried your hand at styling vintage clothing - start small! An accessory like a silk scarf or handbag will add a touch of elegance to your otherwise casual outfit, pulling together an effortless, chic, ensemble.

1. Style-hack your vintage pieces to make them feel more modern.

In this example, we tied the blouse in a knot at the waist and rolled the sleeves. Pairing this with jeans and white sneakers keeps the look modern and trendy but the vintage blouse elevates the look. Other ways you could add a modern twist: wear it open over top of a fitted tank top or long-sleeve t-shirt (think a short kimono or a blousy cardigan) or leave it unbuttoned but tied at the waist.

2. Find vintage pieces that feel modern by shopping for trends in the vintage section.

This vintage blazer is so chic and feels very on trend. Both the peplum silhouette and structured shoulders are reminiscent of the 1980s, and have come back into style today. The colour block pattern, mixture of textures, and the craftsmanship of this blazer make it both a looking glass to the 80s and a statement piece today. It is important to remember, some trends may not come back in the exact same way and might need slight alterations to work in today's fashion.

When you find something that you fall in love with but put it on to see the fit is not 100% perfect - see if you can get this piece altered. For example: a perfect blazer but the shoulder pads are too large.

3. Mix true vintage with vintage inspired pieces.

Can you guess which of these pieces is vintage? Vintage-inspired pieces have the look and pattern of a vintage piece, but with a more modern fit. By adding a true vintage piece that’s styled in a modern way, you are creating a cohesive outfit that feels timeless - not dated. For this outfit, we paired a vintage Ralph Lauren chambray top, borrowed styling tip #2 and tied it at the waist, and paired it with this vintage-inspired skirt.

The goal when introducing vintage pieces into your wardrobe is to add dimension to your outfit with something that is unique to you. We wrote these styling tips to help you seamlessly integrate these treasures into your favourite outfits. What is your favourite way to wear your vintage pieces?