Silk scarves are timeless, ageless, and perfect for every season. Whether you are looking for more ways to style your Hermès or looking for a fun way to add a pop of colour to any outfit, these are just some of the ways you can style a silk scarf.

Silk scarves come in a few standard sizes: 40-50cm for small scarfs, 60-70cm for medium scarfs and 80-100 cm for large scarfs.

Tie it in you hair
Take a small silk scarf and tie it around the base of your ponytail to hide a hair elastic. You can wrap it around a few times or leave the ends of the scarf loose. If you have long hair, you can take it a step further and braid the scarf into your hair for a hippy-chic hairstyle.

Level-up your handbag

Tightly wrap a small or medium scarf around the handle of a solid-colour handbag to add a colourful motif. You can also tie a scarf to the base of the handle, and let the ends drape across the bag for an eye-catching accessory. We find this can soften an edgy leather bag or add a pop of colour to any simple design.

Loosely tied in a knot around the neck

One of the more classic ways to wear this accessory would be to tie it loosely around the neck with the knot hanging towards the front. Fold the scarf in half, making a triangle. Starting from the corner where the two ends meet, roll or fold the scarf into a 2-inch ‘tube’. Centre the tube at the back of your neck and loosely tie the scarf halfway between the tips of the scarf and your neck. Let the knot drape in front of you. This would look great with a t-shirt layered under a structured blazer, denim, or leather jacket.

Pushed to the side

For a polished, preppy look, create your ‘tube’ like in the last example but tie a double knot close to your neck. Push the knot towards your shoulder and let the ends hang down. With a larger scarf, wrap the ‘tube’ around your neck twice and create a small, tight knot to secure in place. This would look especially nice with an oversized white poplin shirt and form-fitting jeans.

No Turtleneck - No Problem! 

Using a small or medium scarf, wrap the scarf around the neck twice with a small overlap. Secure it with a small, tight knot and push it to the side. We love this look for cooler office environments and this would look very chic with a popped collar.