As we head into the fall, it is easy to ditch the bright colours of the summer and lean into your oatmeal knits, black turtlenecks, and overall neutral wardrobe. While we love a cozy fall look as much as the next gal, we are also huge fans of colour! In this blog post we will cover our favourite ways to incorporate colour into your wardrobe all year ‘round.

Incorporating colour into your wardrobe can be intimidating. The extra thought required to match colours and complementary tones to form a cohesive look requires a keen eye. But once you do it once, you’ll be able to replicate that look and gain confidence to build upon that and get the most out of your clothes. One way to eliminate the stress of matching is with a dress or jumpsuit that is just one piece. The work of colour matching has already been done for you in the design of the piece!

Go Monochrome.
Another way to avoid matching at all is a monochromatic look. You’ve done it with black, and maybe this summer you tried an all-white look. Follow the same principles of creating a cohesive look by matching pieces of the same colour. The ease of a monochromatic look creates an outfit that is bold and put-together. Monochrome styling was a signature 2021 look and with matching sets back on the rise, we don’t see this trend leaving just yet.

Use natural colours & pastels.
Who said colours had to be bold and bright anyway? Lean into colour with softer, natural tones of olive green, terracotta, and mustard yellow or soft pastels. Matching colours with their colour family is a great way to take the thinking out of matching. Pair warm oranges with browns and yellows or cool blues with purples and greens, for example.


Ease in with statement pieces.
Find statement pieces that speak to you. A bright jacket layered over a neutral base or scarf laced with colours that make you feel beautiful. These accessories can bring a punch of colour into your wardrobe without a complete overhaul of your style. Other accessories like a colourful handbag, boots, or trendy acrylic earrings all add a level of spice to your outfit. Adding a pop of colour to your neutral base is a great way to brighten up a look and experiment with colour.


Lastly, find the colours that you like and feel confident in! Fashion is much more fun when you love what you wear.