The coldest days are officially here. What better time to take a look at the 2022 coat trends we are seeing in our consignment store? And just a reminder, all winter items in the shop are currently on sale for 50% off!


Shirt + Jacket = Shacket! This heavy-weight flannel (usually cotton or wool) oversized collared shirt makes a cozy, effortlessly-stylish jacket. Pair it with leggings, tight fitting jeans, or tights, as a slim base layer will balance out the volume and masculine structure of the piece. Shackets are a great transition piece as they can be worn inside to stay toasty in the winter, or as a jacket in the fall and spring.

Bombers that balance Function + Fashion

These jackets take inspiration for style and technical warmth from ski-jackets but with a fashionable twist. These warm yet stylish winter jackets are great for both city-slickers and outdoorsy folk. Down-filled jackets are deceivingly light-weight and notoriously warm. We love bomber-length of these jackets for their mobility, they’re equally  great for getting in and out of the car while running errands or a hike in the Gatineau Hills.

Classic Silhouettes

A wool coat is one of our favourite parts of winter styling. No matter what else you have on, when you throw a wool coat on top, you automatically feel put together. Wool coats are usually an investment piece and something that many of us don’t have many of. Since warm outerwear is something we wear 6 to 8 months of the year, it’s fun to have a variety of coats and jackets to express your style! Luckily, when shopping at consignment stores you pay much less than traditional retail, making it easier to afford a variety of stylish coats.

Trove’s Tips for purchasing a well-fitted wool coat:

  • Do you live in Canada? Definitely opt for a wool coat with a liner to keep you toasty.
  • Consider the length. Wool coats can range in length from just below the waist to mid-calf. For petite women, aim for knee-length or shorter to avoid feeling swallowed up by the coat.
  • When trying on wool coats (or any winter jacket for that matter), go through a series of tests to ensure that it’s the right fit. The hug test is exactly what it sounds like. Hug yourself and feel if the coat is pulling anywhere. You will also want to make sure the sleeves are the right length - this is usually a dead give-away when a coat doesn’t fit properly and makes the rest of the coat look off.