Do you love Halloween but hate the idea of spending money on something that will only be worn once? If not only the financial impact of purchasing a cheap costume but for the ecological impact of buying a costume that will ultimately end up in the landfill. Why not take inspiration from the pieces already hanging in your closet?

We have put together some great last-minute Halloween costume ideas for you! And the best part? You can put them together with items that you can re-wear over and over again in your everyday life.

Black Dress = A Witch
A black dress is a staple in our closet - why not transform it into a timeless halloween costume for the night? With some green face makeup, messy hair, and a broom you can channel your inner wicked-witch of the west.

Fur Coat or Vest = A Lion
A fur coat or vest is not only cute, it’ll keep you warm and cozy on Halloween night. Pair with neutral beiges, tease your hair, add some lion inspired makeup, and you’re good to go!

Black & White = Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek
I think we all own at least a few black and white pieces. Why not be the iconic Moira Rose? Throw on your most posh black and white outfit, add some detailed tights, big jewelry and some red lipstick and voila!

“The world is falling apart around us John, and I am dying inside”

Black & White Stripes = Beetlejuice
Back to back Halloween parties? For another black and white option, pair vertical stripes and green hair, and you instantly become Beetlejuice! All you have to do is add some face paint and dark eye makeup to complete the look.

Boho Dress = Alexis Rose
Another iconic Schitt’s Creek character you can easily transform into is Alexis Rose. With a boho style dress, tall boots, long necklaces and wavy hair, you have Alexis Rose! Top off the look by practicing your best “A Little Bit Alexis” performance.

“EW, David!”

Oversize Plaid Top & Straw Hat = Scarecrow
Every Fall lover owns at least one plaid shirt! Pair it with your favourite denim, add a straw hat, put on some patchwork-inspired makeup, and we have a scarecrow!

We hope this was helpful in building out your last minute Halloween costumes! Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? If so, are you dressing up as any of our suggestions above, or are you trying something else? Let us know.

Happy Halloween!