1 Piece, 4-ways. A new series from Trove Fashion where we walk you through how to style some of our favourite pieces in the shop! Learn how to get the most runway from your pieces, bring outfits day to night, and transition with the seasons.

We all know what autumn in Ottawa is like. It is definitely time to bundle up but the minute you step inside you start to feel… humid. A lightweight jacket can be the perfect layering piece to comfortably and stylishly go from outside to inside.

The piece we have styled is a white corduroy jacket from Simon’s (XS, $45). It has nice clean lines, an oversized fit, and a hint of 90s vibes. We chose this piece for its simplicity, the beautiful bright white colour that is both neutral and stands out, and above all else: its versatility.

Look #1: Boho

The look: This look takes a feminine mustard yellow lace dress and adds a hint of edge with a chunky belt. We layered the jacket on top of it and immediately fell in love.

What we loved: 1) All the contrasting textures (lace, leather, corduroy), 2) the clean lines and square fit over the flowy dress, 3) the bright but neutral colour combination.

How to recreate this: What makes this look work so well is the combination of textures. Think leather and lace, denim and linen, faux-fur and silk! A variety of textures keeps things interesting to the eye.

Look #2: Glam

The look: The base layer of this outfit is a plain black tee tucked into a black denim pencil skirt and bought together with this amazing animal-print belt. We kept things form-fitting and sexy knowing that we would be layering the jacket over top.

What we loved: The monochromatic base layer of this outfit let the jacket shine as a statement piece. The white on black colour palette is so glamorous (and very Moira Rose). Take it up a notch with a red lip!

How to recreate this: Monochromatic outfits are having a moment right now and luckily they are pretty easy to recreate! The best part, the colours do not have to be a perfect match to get the effect. Try form fitting base-layer (we love a black turtleneck) and pair it with a robust top-layer like an oversized blazer or a denim jacket.

Look #3: 70s Retro

The look: A red paisley blouse tucked into a denim skirt (would be equally as fun with wide-leg jeans in the same wash). The colours, print, and proportions really strike a 1970s note.

What we loved: Like with the first look we loved the contrasting textures. This look introduced some colour into our lookbook and boasted our favourite fall colours!

How to recreate this: What gives this look its signature 70s vibe is the combination of the patterned blouse, high waisted bottom layer, and flare on the bottom. You could top it off with a cropped sweater vest and platform shoes to take it all the way!

Look #4: Preppy

The look: Most people can look in their closet and pull out a black tee and a pair of jeans. What gives this look its flare is the expertly-tied (thanks, Grendel!) silk scarf, and of course, the jacket.

What we loved: The silk scarf elevates a simple outfit and adds polish with minimal effort. It also keeps your neck warm before we are fully immersed in scarf season.

How to recreate this: Though we created this look with a denim skirt, it would work with any pair of jeans. Keep your base layer neutral and add personality with your accessories! This could mean a silk scarf, statement necklace, wool hat, or even a great pair of earrings!


Which look was your favourite? How would you style this corduroy jacket? Which piece in your closet gets the most runway?