Celebrating the holidays is going to look a little different this year. We don’t know about you, but putting together an outfit for a party always makes the holidays even more fun. While our celebrations will look a little different this year, the fabulous holiday outfit you had planned doesn’t need to. Whether you’re having a living room photoshoot or jumping on a zoom call with family across the country, make it feel special with a fabulous holiday outfit. These are our tips for zooming through the holidays:

Tip one: Start with Warm Festive Fabrics like velvet, fur, and anything that sparkles
Mixing textures is a great way to spruce up any look. During the holidays, reach for festive fabrics such as velvet, fleece-lined tights, fur (or faux fur), or something that sparkles. In this look, we have paired the “sparkling” allure of this speckled mock neck with this impossibly soft fur vest. Tying the look together with a statement necklace in a contrasting colour not only brings it all together, but it makes it more polished.

Tip two: Gem Tones feel both luxurious and special
Ruby red, emerald green, deep purple, or midnight blue, all these colours scream luxury and special occasion. In this look we have paired an emerald green fur jacket with a sparkly jumpsuit. This look is a nod to tip one by mixing festive fabrics, and tip two with the deep, emerald green.

Tip three: Accessorize from the waist up!
We paired this studded headband with a festive red dress (which can be worn year-round when paired with the right accessories). With this look, you can enjoy the fun punchiness of the red dress without worrying about being chilly, just cozy up with a blanket or add a log to the fireplace. You could also try statement jewellery or a silk scarf.

Tip Four: Keep it Cozy
This is probably something we have all mastered by this point but it’s worth driving home the fact that your zoom guests can only see you from the waist up. If your festive outfit stops at your waist… no one will know. Take our tips and pair them with comfy sweats or leggings or maybe a favourite pair of jeans or a skirt. Whatever comfort looks like for you, grab a drink and focus your attention on your loved ones, not your waistband or stiff pants.

At the end of the day, do what brings you joy. Whether your ideal Christmas is spent wearing matching Christmas PJs and drinking hot cocoa or mixing festive cocktails and sharing a charcuterie board - let us help you do it in style!

Happy holidays!