A good hat is your secret weapon when it comes to sun protection this summer! Hats protect your eyes, hair, and scalp from damaging UV rays, glare, and wind. Better yet, because hats come in every shape and colour, you don’t need to compromise your style for the sake of sun safety. Here are a few of our team’s favourite summer 2022 hat trends:

Bucket Hats
We’ve written about bucket hats before, but we can’t get enough of this Y2K staple! Reach for a bucket hat in a lightweight fabric, such as cotton or twill, to stay cool during a day at the beach. To hop on two trends at once, the crochet bucket hat is the ultimate celebrity-endorsed 2000s accessory (even better if the colours coordinate with your swimsuit!).

Floppy Straw Hats
A floppy-brimmed straw hat adds an instant touch of Hollywood glamour to any look. These hats are lightweight and breathable, making them a great choice for a hot day, and their broad brim helps shield your face from the sun. However, make sure to check whether your hat comes with a sun protection rating. Hats with a looser weave pattern let in more light, which can inadvertently damage or burn your scalp. When shopping for a straw hat, check the label for the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating and choose a hat with a UPF rating of 25+ or higher, which blocks over 95% of damaging UV rays.

Floppy straw hat on woman

Panama Hats
Panama hats are similar to the floppy-brimmed hats mentioned above, but they’re typically produced in a structured fedora shape. Panama hats are actually of Ecuadorian origin and made of woven palm fibers. Handmade Panama hats are prized for their tight weave and range in price depending on the artisan’s skill and finesse. The Panama hat’s classic look makes it suitable for any occasion, even an outdoor wedding!

A visor allows for airflow to the crown of your head, making it a great choice for sporty summer activities such as rowing, running, or tennis. Visors also won’t interfere with your hairstyle, so you can wear your hair up or down, but don’t forget to apply hair & scalp sunscreen to protect the uncovered areas. Look for a visor with a moisture-wicking sweatband along the inside edge to keep your forehead cool.

Visor on woman

Baseball Caps
Whether you’re running a few errands or heading out on a day date, you can’t go wrong with a classic baseball cap. This casual style is available in a rainbow of colours to match your mood. A slouchy dad hat will help you nail the “model off-duty” look, while the more structured trucker hat is the perfect 2000s throwback accessory.

baseball cap on woman

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