As many of us are moving out of hibernation and preparing for weekend getaways, we thought it would be a great time for a refresher on packing the essentials. In this blog post we will cover what we feel are staples for light packing while also bringing your personal style with you. We believe that these staples will serve you no matter where you’re heading for a weekend away this summer. We won’t weigh in on your toiletries, passport, or tech gadgets, but we definitely have some tips for bringing your personal style without bringing your entire closet on vacation.

Accessories are key in adding your personal style to a lightly packed bag. Whether you’re adding a pop of colour to your white tee with a silk scarf, or bringing a maxi-dress from day-to-night with your favourite jewellery and some heels, packing the right accessories is an easy and fun way to extend a limited closet.

A day bag of your choice (small backpack, crossbody, or belt bag) and a beach bag or tote that can double as a shopping bag.

A sun hat. The most effortlessly stylish way to protect your head and face from the sun! Straw hats such as boaters, panama hats, and fedoras are all easy to wear options. You could also reach for a bucket hat for something more casual or a basic ball cap for a cool, relaxed look.

Sunglasses are something most of us have on hand already, but it’s especially important to have them in reach when you are likely to be spending more time outside.

You never know when you will be invited for a swim or a soak in the hot tub. Don’t find yourself having to turn down an invitation or get stuck purchasing an expensive swimsuit.

Masks are essential indoors in most places still, so play it safe and pack some (and extras!)

Silk Scarf
A large silk scarf that can be worn as a sarong poolside, around your neck during travel, and over your shoulders at dinner.

Jewellery & Jewellery Case
The key component in dressing up a casual piece is throwing on some extra jewellery. A necklace or statement earrings can bring any outfit from day to night without adding too much extra weight to your bag! Pack thoughtfully and bring items that will make an impact on your outfit as a whole.

This is always the most challenging thing to cut back on. Pack what is practical for the types of activities you will be doing. A good rule of thumb is to pack a casual daytime shoe or sandal, a pair of shoes to wear out, and an athletic shoe for working out, hiking, or long walks.

When it comes to packing clothing, no matter what type of trip you’re taking, pack light with versatile pieces that can be mixed-and-matched beautifully. While the pieces may change depending on what plans you have lined up, the principle remains the same. For a weekend getaway (three days, two nights), three tops, two bottoms, a light sweater, and a dress is usually plenty! This doesn’t account for pyjamas, workout clothes, or travel clothes.

A Dress
Dress that can be dressed up or down - maxi dresses will be your friend here!

White Tee Shirt
Pick a t-shirt or tank that pairs well with your selected bottoms.

Collared Shirt
Linen or a light cotton is a great choice for a classic collared shirt. It’s loose and breezy, can be worn up or down, and protects your shoulders from the sun. Pair this with jeans for a casual day look or tied at the waist with a silk skirt for a sexy, yet effortless ensemble.

Another Shirt
Again, choose something that complements your other choices and is practical for the activities you plan on doing.

Silky Slip Skirt or Polished Shorts
These are both hot weather stars for taking an outfit from daytime to evening. Versatility is key in packing light!

Light-wash Jeans, Shorts, or Trousers
Comfy, casual, and versatile.

A Light Sweater or Linen Blazer
Cold lobbies, air-conditioned restaurants, or unpredictable weather are never something you plan for but you can be ready with some extra layers.

Mix it up! Is a night by the fire in your future? Bring cozy sweats and some light layers to stay warm when the sun goes down. Going to the city for sightseeing and patio-hopping? White sneakers are as chic as they are comfortable. Bring shoes you already wear regularly to avoid blisters after long days of walking. Will you be spending the entire weekend in your swimsuit by the lake? Pack a lightweight dress that can be thrown over top.