It’s official: fall is here, and with that comes unpredictable weather that can be warm during the day and freezing as soon as the sun sets. If you’re not ready to say goodbye to your favourite summer pieces yet, we’re with you!

Today, we’re sharing some tips on how to transition your closet from summer to fall, so you can keep wearing your favourite dresses and rompers for a few more weeks. Let’s dive in!

Shop your closet for seasonal items
Before investing in new items, shop your closet for pieces that can help transition your favourite looks from summer to fall. You likely have a stash of hats, scarves, tights and socks just waiting to make an appearance.

Pull out all your seasonal pieces and double-check the condition and fit of each item, then put the items you love in the “keep” pile. If you’re ready to let go of the pieces that no longer spark joy, consider consigning with us! Trove Fashion accepts gently-used clothing and accessories.

Layer up with statement accessories
Early fall is a great time for accessories! Give your favourite summer looks a fall edge with bold, graphic scarves and felt or wool hats.

To keep you looking warm and stylish on a cooler fall evening, layer lighter dresses and rompers with tights, or throw on a chunky knit cardigan or bold blazer.

Swap summer sandals for fall footwear
You can instantly transform a summer look into a fall-appropriate outfit by pairing it with the right shoe. Fall boots come in all shapes and sizes and will keep your feet dry and comfortable all season long, and they look great paired with a lighter dress or skirt.

If you’re opting for shoes, you’ll spot two trends this fall: chunky Mary Janes with bold buckles and adornments (a nod to mid-90s grunge subculture) and classic low-top sneakers (a timeless option for preppy dressers).

Deepen the colour palette
Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean that you have to shelve your favourite pastels! To make summer pieces work as the days get shorter, start working in darker hues.

Pair summer florals with deeper jewel tones to make them feel more appropriate for the season. If your favourite top comes in a bright summer hue, complete the look with dark jeans and a neutral cardigan or jacket to balance things out.

Tip: If you’ve got fall/winter pieces in your closet that no longer suit your style, consider consigning with us! Trove Fashion accepts gently-used clothing and accessories. Visit our website or visit us in store for details.