Shopping at a consignment store is much like swapping clothing with friends or a sister. Many of us have given a friend a sweater we have grown tired of and they might give us a second-hand handbag that was never quite their style. Sharing and swapping with your close friends effectively doubles your closet, but there are some drawers you may not want to borrow from, namely, intimates, swimsuits, and activewear.

At Trove, we select only items that are in the best shape and that is especially true with intimates, swimsuits, and activewear. In this consignment guide, we will provide you with some things to consider when consigning and buying used activewear and share some styling tips along the way. The three main areas we will cover are: the condition of the items, the brand, and the type.

The condition of the item is always the most important part and this is even more true for activewear. We have been known to fall in love with a pair of Frye leather boots with a small scuff but when it comes to activewear, if the condition of the piece isn’t perfect, we will have to turn it away. To consign activewear, the piece has to be in either Brand New Used-Condition, meaning it's unworn but has been washed or stored, or in Brand New With Tags, which is exactly as it sounds. The best pieces to bring to a consignment store are non-refundable or sale items that didn’t work out for you. Think of items from Lululemon’s “We Made Too Much” section that are non-refundable but totally worth the risk. By consigning that item, you are able to recover some of the money (and get some cash to put toward a second-hand piece from Trove).

It is no secret that we have our favourite brands - and we have noticed that you do too! Our best-selling activewear pieces are brought to you by Lululemon, Adidas, and Nike. While other premium brands that meet our condition standards will be considered, these brands have been staples in our activewear section. It is worth mentioning that Lululemon does an amazing job of creating beautiful activewear that can double as wardrobe basics. This is in large part due to their selection of neutral colours, discreet branding, and luxurious fabric choices. Especially in the colder months, don’t skip the Activewear section when shopping for your base layers.

Lastly, our third criteria for consigning activewear is the type of clothing. This blog post is being written in November of 2020, a month where most of us can say we spend most of our time in leggings, making them highly desirable for us to carry and a quick sell for the consignee. This brings us to our next styling tip: leggings, the world's most versatile garment. Everybody knows that leggings pair beautifully with chunky knits and tunics. They also make a cozy alternative to nylons when paired with a sweater dress and fit perfectly under knee-length boots.

We hope this clears up any questions you may have about the condition of the activewear you are purchasing from us and helps you understand what you can bring in to consign. We carry like-new condition items, from great brands, and the most desirable pieces are those that can be worn in multiple ways, for multiple activities!