What makes a vintage piece “vintage”? Is it just ‘anything’ old; is it only high-end name brands? What does vintage mean and what does that look like for a consignment store? In this article, we will walk you through what vintage means to us, what consignment pieces we’re looking for at Trove, and why vintage fashion is so desirable.

So what does vintage mean? According to the Cambridge Dictionary: Vintage is of high quality and lasting value, or showing the best and most typical characteristics of a particular type of thing, especially from the past. What resonates with us, as always, is high quality and lasting value. But we’re also looking for that blast from the past, what makes a piece unique to the era it comes from, and what kind of nostalgia that instills in us.

Here at Trove we’re focusing on clothing from the 90s and earlier. Fashion is cyclical, with trends coming in and out of style every 30 - 40 years. In contrast to trends, a classic vintage piece is always a-la-mode. When putting together pieces to consign there are a few things to consider. To start, high end name brands, designers, and accessible luxury brands (think Club Monaco and J Crew) are more readily accepted. They are typically better constructed and the quality of the piece will hold up the 30+ years of wear and storage. The thrill of vintage shopping is the unique pieces you can find. While we love wardrobe basics such as cardigans, collared shirts, and tees; a fabulous vintage blazer, anything silk or cashmere, and handbags make us swoon.

So pull out that old bin of clothes, hit up a thrift store, or (with permission) take a deep dive into your mother’s closet and see what goodies you surface with! When planning to consign the treasures that just aren’t right for you, ask yourself: Is it from the 90s or earlier, is it in good shape, and is it desirable? If you can tick off all those boxes then it’s time to book an appointment!

The experience of shopping for and wearing vintage clothing is an experience much like watching a period piece on film. Think of Audrey Hepbrun in A Roman Holiday - do they make clothing (and people) that fabulous anymore? The answer is yes, at a price. Clothing today is more plentiful than ever, with shopping malls being filled to the brim with cheaply-made garments that aren’t made to last more than a few wears. Vintage clothing is crafted to last and the quality can be seen in the hems’ tight stitches, the lining, and the carefully constructed seams. When shopping for vintage clothing, find pieces that work with clothing you already own to help the vintage pieces flow seamlessly into your closet. Have you tried a beautifully constructed vintage blazer over your favourite little black dress?

At Trove Fashion, we curate our selection of vintage clothing to add soul and character to your style. When shopping with us, you can depend on finding quality pieces at an affordable price. We do the heavy-lifting to ensure that your shopping experience is more like a boutique than a treasure hunt (though finding treasures is guaranteed).

Whether you’re shopping for vintage clothing or have a piece to consign, you can look to us for the knowledge and resources to offer you a great experience.